The Terms of Our Surrender

The season more or less ended today. The Nats entered the series againts a weak Marlins team needing to win 3 times and damn well knew it. Unfortunately, they didn’t play like it the last two days, failing to advance countless runners on Saturday and getting 2 fucking hits today. The unfortunate reality is these... Continue Reading →

Umm , Err, It Might be White Flag Time

Man coming after my last post this one means I’m real stupid at least once. Believe it or not, this (mostly) isn’t an angry rage post, it’s resignation setting in. Thursday-Saturday were awesome, rallying from 9 runs down was great, so was walking off on Friday, but make no mistake, the 2018 Washington Nationals are... Continue Reading →

The Trade : Kelvin Herrera

I don't normally write during the week or after a game as I'm usually super pissed or very happy and neither is a good place to write from but I'll make an exception for a big night like this one. Yes, going to the Nats-Yankees games is super frustrating because unfortunately Yankees fans were their... Continue Reading →

Nats Notebag

Ah the smell of summer rains, the beautiful sounds sounds of baseball hitters sending dingers out of the park, the annual June/July Stephen Strasburg DL trip. It truly is the season. Anyways , some notes on injuries and what comes next: Kudos to Davey Martinez , on Saturday he opted to have Ryan Madson pitch... Continue Reading →

Prepare for a Rolling Roster Shuffle

Bottom Line -With a bunch of DL players heading for rehab assignments, the Nats have some tough position choices to make and a lot of players on the roster now won't be in a month -Some players will move to odd roles/positions due to considerations -Juan Soto seems unlikely to stick with the tam when... Continue Reading →

The Call Up: Juan Soto

Okay so it’s been awhile since I’ve posted , but in my defense I started a new job in a totally different industry so it’s been a whirlwind lately. Anyways, Injuries suck. Losing sucks .Blown saves suck, Losing doubleheaders on blown saves really suck. But I’m excited and intrigued. Why? Because as the 9th inning... Continue Reading →

April 29 Nats Precap

The first in an occasional series where I write a recap of the Nats game before it happens DAVEY POSITIVE AFTER NATS GRIT OUT 5TH LOSS in SIX GAMES In spite of the Nationals inability to meet basic competencies such as “Don’t hit into double plays” and “ put the ball in play with the... Continue Reading →

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