First Post or “Oh Shit What Have I Gotten Myself Into”?

Hi audience of… me and the handful of people who clicked the link . If you’re an “organic” follower who doesn’t personally know me. Thanks for clicking! I hope this wasn’t too much of a waste of your time.

Why are you writing this? Blogging is a waste time and can’t be monetized easily

Fun story, I honestly just want to get back in the habit of writing and I like baseball and like that Nats so I figured why not pay the tiny fee for a blog. I’ve been thinking it would be great to get back into writing but I’ve had elbow issues for awhile and in the past the all encompassing nature of baseball season combined with a series of jobs in which I spend 90% of my day working  in Excel sheets and Tableau dashboards has meant that  my writing has ability has fallen off a cliff.  I had a realization that Barack Obama was President  the last time I wrote something more than 500 words that wasn’t a technical document or a de facto technical document that was being embedded into an email because people don’t like to read things.

What exactly do you do?

I’m a Consultant who does data stuff. Yep, a numbers guy who likes baseball . Shocking

So this is a bunch of Sabermetrics Crap?

Maybe? I’ll probably do some data write ups and other nerd oriented coverage but my aim isn’t as much to dump numbers as it is to take the things that analytics tell us and give it context in regards to the day to day and the human element that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

To put it another way, some stuff will be long, short, stat oriented, and possibly an occasional thing that is completely different.

You mentioned elbow issues. That’s a  lame excuse. You’re not a starting pitcher.

This is true, though interestingly the condition I was eventually diagnosed with is one that baseball pitchers get all the time. Last year Tigers (Ace?) Michael Fulmer has surgery for it and and Stephen Strasburg might have had it the same thing if you tease out the Nats weasel worded injury report.  As an office type, this meant typing was painful and caused my elbow to hurt and I’d lose sensation in some of my fingers. Also , my grip strength in that arm went to shit.  As such, I did as little writing as possible beyond texting (because I’m a phone addled millenial) and writing formulas into excel when needed.

Eventually therapy and conservative treatment just weren’t working and I had surgery in February to give my ulnar nerve some room to breath. Since the surgery the elbow has felt absolutely phenomenal.

Do you go to a lot of games?

Last year I made it to 60 (counting playoffs).  For the 2018 season I have a full season plan, admittedly the seat is in a nosebleed section to the point I probably won’t even spend all that much time in my seat BUT it has the benefit of guaranteeing access to every game/postseason.

Why South Capitol? Most Nats blogs are Half Street references!

This is a fair point. My reasoning is that I live on the South Capitol  street side of nats park and I couldn’t really come up with a clever quip that had Half Street in the title.


This post is Riddled with Mad Typoz and other offenses to the English Language!

Yep, part of the reason for doing this is to improve in all parts of my writing by at least getting comfortable with writing regularly and having length other than stuff related to  “Technical thing I do at my job”.


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