The Last Week in Nationals: Rumors of our Comeback Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

A week that started with such positive signs and a 6 run rally ends with the Nats seemingly being in even more disarray as with more trips to the disabled list and 4 losses in 5 games (Full disclosure I’m writing this during the San Francisco game which is umm not looking good)

The Good

-Rallying in New York from down 6-1 was awesome as was generally playing well even though the results weren’t there against LA

-Beating Clayton Kershaw was awesome, even if it forced me to stay up ungodly late.

-Stephen Strasburg loading the bases against LA and then pitching himself out of a jam was phenomenal

-Jeremy Hellickson has been acceptable-ish , though low on stamina, hopefully that continues to improve and he can be a 4-something ERA level guy

-Victor Robles injury being a “months not year” thing is encouraging, even if I have my doubts about whether he’ll be able to make to the major league team this year.

The Bad

-Baserunning does not have to be this hard. While it was certainly better than last weeks , Andrew Stevenson creating a TOOTBLAN in the 7th inning last night may have bee

-Injury management. Both Brian Goodwin and Anthony Rendon weren’t placed on the DL until after they had been unavailable for extended periods. Goodwin was particularly egregious in my mind as they

-Shawn Kelley’s Meatball to turn a 2-1 game into a 4-1 game on Monday

-Matt Adams completely whiffing with a chance to send a runner home from third monday

The Ugly

-Ryan Madson’s pitching stats after that godawful 8th inning in NY

-Sammy Solis on sunday, I get why the Nats keep on giving him big moments, I really do. His stuff can be otherworldly and his velocity is top notch, the problem is he can’t handle back to back days and doesn’t seem to have a middle ground so it’s either “elite level player “ or “Shit the bed he’s got explosive diarrhea with nowhere else to go”.

-The Nats have already had 5 members of the opening roster go on the DL, (Wieters, Grace, Goodwin, Eaton, Rendon

-Shawn Kelley’s pitches after the meatball that led to him walking off the field with some kind of injury

Overall Outlook

Scale: Bad . unchanged from last week

On sunday night, I had this written as “more positive signs abound”, but sunday and monday again showed a complete and utter lack of fundamental, from bad baserunning to mishandling plays at the plate.

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