2018 Washington Injury Translator

So yeah, the Nats aren’t good and that's an issue and we all know it. Rather than write about how much the injuries suck (a lot) here is my expert effort to compile meaningful injuries and explain what they actually mean without using MLB Injury doublespeak. For those who say this isn't accurate, I maintain this... Continue Reading →

Guys, I think we’re bad this year

Tonights summary :  Nat's can't hit, can't field, and Rendon is injured. We may just not be a good team.   Bed Shitter of the night award:  Trea Turner, for fucking up a routine fielding play to give Colorado the winning run Bed Shitter Runner Up: Ryan Zimmerman, for a crappy groundout with 2 runners... Continue Reading →

Better Know a Metric: ERA+ and OPS+

The first in a series of posts I can write when the sample sizes don't give me anything else interesting to write.   Increasingly some of the Advanced Metrics are becoming a lot more popular and are getting cited in more mainstream sources (IE not baseball nerd sites like Fangraphs). So I figured it’s probably... Continue Reading →

Competitive Balance

Why We Should All Stop Worrying About Projections and Play the Damn Game It seems pretty obvious that total major league payrolls are going to drop league-wide this season with the perception being a large number of teams are not interested in competing. Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto made the painfully insightful comment that “you could... Continue Reading →

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