Guys, I think we’re bad this year

Tonights summary :  Nat's can't hit, can't field, and Rendon is injured. We may just not be a good team.   Bed Shitter of the night award:  Trea Turner, for fucking up a routine fielding play to give Colorado the winning run Bed Shitter Runner Up: Ryan Zimmerman, for a crappy groundout with 2 runners... Continue Reading →

Better Know a Metric: ERA+ and OPS+

The first in a series of posts I can write when the sample sizes don't give me anything else interesting to write.   Increasingly some of the Advanced Metrics are becoming a lot more popular and are getting cited in more mainstream sources (IE not baseball nerd sites like Fangraphs). So I figured it’s probably... Continue Reading →

Competitive Balance

Why We Should All Stop Worrying About Projections and Play the Damn Game It seems pretty obvious that total major league payrolls are going to drop league-wide this season with the perception being a large number of teams are not interested in competing. Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto made the painfully insightful comment that “you could... Continue Reading →

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